Today's Specials

Friday, may 3rd

Friday, may 3rd Soup
  • Split pea with ham
  • Creamy spinach vegetable
  • Creamy chicken rice
Soup & Half Sandwich
  • Grilled asparagus
Hot Sandwich
  • Asian chicken roll
Cold Sandwich
  • Club sub
  • Tomato and artichoke
Hot Entree
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Beef or chicken chimichangas
  • Chopped chicken
Ofelia's Special
  • Both carts closed
  • Specials should be updated daily by 10AM so please be patient....


Artisan Cheeses

Made in Wisconsin... Hook's cheese is a very small artisan cheese marker located near Mineral Point, Wisconsin. All of their milk is purchased from a local dairy farm with a herd of no more than 60 cows. Hook's cheese has received several awards for their artisan cheeses, including their 1982 World Champion Colby, 1999-2000 Grand Champion Blue, and 2003 Grand Champion Cheddar.

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Welcome to the New Waterfront Deli Website

Welcome to the new Milwaukee Waterfront Deli Website!

We here at the Deli decided it was time for a makeover. We are trying to make the best online experience possible for our customers. We found out the #1 biggest thing that people come to our website for was our Daily Specials. That is why we put up this handy little Daily Special board on the left. Each day, that will be updated with our daily specials. We aren't forgetting about Ofelia's either! During the summer months, if the carts are out the board will read that Ofelia's is OPEN!

We also have a lot of other great food besides the daily specials. This is why we are expanding the menu view on our website too. We list all of our menu items and prices right there for you. We are working to get the most descriptive and delicious descriptions there for you too. Maybe even some delicious food photos will be coming! And we will keep this up to date whenever our menu changes.

Of course, you need to know when we are open and how to order our delicious food. As you see, the hours and contact information is front and center on every page for you. You can order by phone or fax soon we will be letting you order online!

The one new thing we are probably most excited about is our Lunch Club! What is this, you ask? We are starting the Waterfront Deli Lunch Club as a way for us to connect with the customers that we love so much. All you need to do is provide us with your email address and you're set. Of course, since we like knowing the names of our customers you can give us that too. And don't forget to add your birthday, so we can send you a present. When you sign up, you will start to receive special club-only discounts and deals. Some days, we may even have some "Top Secret Specials" that only you can know about! (Shh... Don't tell. Actually, tell all of your friends because we love to share our great food).

That's not the end of it. We may end up rolling out a few other new things here and there just to keep you on your toes. We want to make your online experience with the Milwaukee Waterfront Deli just as enjoyable as when you stop in for lunch. We would love to hear from you on what you think of the site. Any suggestions, comments, criticisms, or praise would be appreciated. Just use our Contact Form and drop us a line!

Thanks and we hope to see you soon,

The Milwaukee Waterfront Deli Staff