Today's Specials

Friday, may 3rd

Friday, may 3rd Soup
  • Split pea with ham
  • Creamy spinach vegetable
  • Creamy chicken rice
Soup & Half Sandwich
  • Grilled asparagus
Hot Sandwich
  • Asian chicken roll
Cold Sandwich
  • Club sub
  • Tomato and artichoke
Hot Entree
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Beef or chicken chimichangas
  • Chopped chicken
Ofelia's Special
  • Both carts closed
  • Specials should be updated daily by 10AM so please be patient....


Artisan Cheeses

Made in Wisconsin... Hook's cheese is a very small artisan cheese marker located near Mineral Point, Wisconsin. All of their milk is purchased from a local dairy farm with a herd of no more than 60 cows. Hook's cheese has received several awards for their artisan cheeses, including their 1982 World Champion Colby, 1999-2000 Grand Champion Blue, and 2003 Grand Champion Cheddar.

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We love our lunch customers! Actually, we love all of our customers. That is why we started the lunch club. It is a special place for all of our favorite people. When you join the Lunch Club, we will send our favorite people specials offers, deals, and the latest news about the Deli. Every once in a while we may even have a "Secret Special" that only you can know about. This is our way of getting to know you better and being able to reward our favorite people in the entire world. If it weren't for you, there would be no Waterfront Deli.

All we really need from you is your email address in the form below. We would like your name though too because we like to know who our customers are. Also, if you would like to let us know when your birthday is, we may just send you a little present. We like to do nice things like that for our customers. We hope everyone joins the Lunch Club and we see you at the Deli soon!

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